The process

Once your gates have been fabricated they are then sent off to The Wedge Group for galvanizing. They are firstly chemically pre-treated to ensure that they are clean and free of contamination. After pre-treatment they are then submerged in a bath of molten zinc at an approx temperature of 450°C. The reaction that takes place actually bonds the zinc to the product at a molecular level.


All work is guaranteed to British ISO 1461.


The benefits

The zinc coating resists oxidation and the action of moisture very successfully. When the

coating is broken or pierced some protection is still afforded, since the zinc reacts with the corroding agent first. By protecting against corrosion and its costly effects, zinc extends the life of steel, thus protecting your investment. A typical galvanized coating can now be expected to last 25 to 50 years without maintenance in most urban and rural atmospheres. 


All estate gates are supplied galvanized free of charge.


Powder Coating


The process

Powder coating is a state of the art technology in applying protective coating. It is a system of applying electro-statically charged dry polyester powder which is baked onto any product that is electrically conductive.


All polyester grades meet the requirements of BS6496 and BS6497 


The benefits

Powder coating technology has replaced liquid finishing technologies because of its durability and uniform application. It has become prevalent where high durability is valued, such as lawn care equipment and outdoor fixtures.



Over 90% of our customers choose to galvanize and powder coat their gates.


Rust proof, Beautifully finished & Maintenance free!!