The Range

Hand crafted, tailor made, individually designed and built to last!!

The Finest Range


For the definite in security, luxury, and design, our finest range sets the industry standards. Expertly constructed by only our most skilled craftsmen, this range will provide a life-time s piece of mind and elegance. All products in our finest range are constructed from at least 40 x 10mm side frames, 16mm round inserts and are supplied galvanized as standard. You can rest assured that your gates and railings will be rust proof and maintenance free.



Craftsmen's Range


Our Craftsmen's range is ideal for customers that are looking for elegant security at a reasonable price. All products in our craftsmen's range are constructed from 30 x 10 mm solid side frames, 12mm solid square inserts and supplied primed black. Galvanizing, powder coating and paint dipping are available on both the craftsmen s and traditional range for an additional cost.


Traditional Range


A simple but aesthetically pleasing range with the focusing being placed on functionality. Simpler designs corresponds to lighter gates that are easily installed and transported by local DIY enthusiasts, typically constructed from 25 x10 mm frames, 12mm solid square or round inserts and supplied primed black.

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