Access Control

The Power to Secure

TV System

Videx have developed a new Videokit which will link to a television through a spare Scart socket. This will enable the caller to be displayed on the TV during a call. The Channel will automatically switch to the camera when a call is activated and switch back to the pervious channel after the call.

Audio Intercom

A two way speech "Audible Intercom" gives the added dimension of allowing you to speak to the visitor at your gateway from the comfort and security of your home. When the gateway button is pressed the indoor wall phone makes a buzzing sound. Simply pick up the handset and speak to the visitor before deciding whether or not to let them in.

Video Intercom

A "Visual Intercom" gives you the price less facility of actually seeing your visitors face before deciding whether or not to speak to them. The system shown also comprises a digital key pad providing access to authorised persons on entry of the correct code. This intercom is available both in black and white and colour video screens

Video & Proximity reader

The Videprox Kit has been specially designed to accommodate a proximity door open system. This system offers the same benefits as the standard video system with the added benefit to allow authorised personnel to enter a restricted area without the need to type in the access code. This entry system is usually installed on commercial sites with large quantities of personnel and day visitors.


Cordless system

Our cordless interface unit is by far and the most our popular product over the last few years. Its ingenious design allows you to open your gates and communicate with whoever is present at the gate station from your BT cordless telephone. Furthermore calls can be diverted to mobiles allowing you do speak to visitors while on holiday or out for the evening. With this system in place you can rest assured that your home never appears to be vacant.